Ray's story

Updated: 26 April 2018

Ray Pozzato talks about his long-term involvement with election work and how it helped his career.

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RAY: I've been at TAFE for 40 years, or 42 years I think it is now.

So I've learnt a lot - I started as part of the technical staff or support staff as they call it, and then onto teaching.

So that's been an experience in its own right.

But working for the AEC has definitely helped me from a managerial point of view, which I think TAFE has benefited from, so one has helped the other.

The important thing is that the support is paid for whereas some positions you have to do in your own time, so that's a big plus.

One of the big barriers young people have is, they apply for a job and the first question is 'what experience do you have?'

So I think an election position is a benefit to all young people from the point of view of getting employment and also promotion.

On the screen: AEC logo and www.aec.gov.au

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