What you need to know about the new electoral divisions taking effect

Updated: 26 July 2021

New federal electoral divisions in Victoria came into effect from 26 July 2021.

The information provided here is for the redistribution of federal electoral divisions in Victoria. Information about the 2020-21 redivision of Victoria’s state electoral boundaries is available.

Who represents me now?

Members of the House of Representatives will not represent the new electoral divisions until after the next general election. The member who was elected at the previous general election or by-election, in the electoral division you voted in at that time, is still your local member.

When do the new electoral divisions apply?

While the new names and new boundaries of electoral divisions will be in place from 26 July 2021, elections will not be contested on these new electoral divisions until a writ is issued for a general election following the expiry or dissolution of the House of Representatives.

Do I need to do anything to change my electoral division?

You do not need to take any action if your electoral division has changed as the result of a redistribution. The AEC will:

  • transfer you to the new electoral roll for your new electoral division, and
  • notify you that your electoral division has changed.

How long will the new electoral divisions apply?

The new electoral divisions will apply until the determination of the next redistribution in Victoria. If Victoria's entitlement remains at 39 members of the House of Representatives, it will likely be seven years until the next federal redistribution.  See: When is the next redistribution of my state or territory due?

On which electoral divisions would a by-election be contested?

By-elections are conducted using the electoral divisions which existed prior to the determination of the redistribution.

How do I find out if my electoral division has changed?

You can check your enrolment online. For privacy reasons, your electoral enrolment will only be confirmed if the details you enter are an exact match to your details on the electoral roll.

Alternatively, you can contact the AEC.

Do I need to know my electoral division to enrol or update my enrolment details?

No, all you need to do is provide the details of your residential address and the AEC will tell you which electoral division you are enrolled for. You can:

Where can I find information about the new electoral divisions?

Maps and descriptions  of the new electoral divisions are now available. Geospatial data is also now available.

Where can I find information about the electoral divisions which applied at the 2019 election?

Maps and descriptions of previous electoral divisions are available for your information.