Federal electoral boundary GIS data for free download

Updated: 30 June 2022

Datasets for download

Australia federal electoral boundaries, GIS data
Coverage Status Redistribution that created this boundary Federal election boundary applied Downloads
National Current n/a 2022
Northern Territory Current 2017 2019, 2022
Western Australia Current 2021 2022
Victoria Current 2021 2022
Northern Territory Superseded Electoral Commissioner’s determination of entitlement of 3 July 2020 These boundaries were not applied at a federal election.
National Superseded n/a 2019
South Australia Current 2018 2019, 2022
Victoria Superseded 2018 2019
Australian Capital Territory Current 2018 2019, 2022
Queensland Current 2018 2019, 2022
Tasmania Current 2017 2019, 2022
Northern Territory Superseded 2017 2019
National Superseded n/a 2016
New South Wales Current 2016 2016, 2019, 2022
Victoria Superseded 2010 2016, 2013
Queensland Superseded 2009 2016, Griffith by-election 2014, 2013, 2010
Western Australia Superseded 2016 2016, 2019
South Australia Superseded 2011 2016, 2013
Tasmania Superseded 2009 2016, 2013, 2010
Australian Capital Territory Superseded 2016, as modified by the Territories Legislation Amendment Act 2016 2016
Australian Capital Territory Superseded 2016 2016
Northern Territory Superseded 2008 2016, 2013, 2010
National Superseded n/a 2013
National Superseded n/a 2010
Victoria Superseded 2002 2007
South Australia Superseded 2003 2007
Western Australia Superseded 2008 Canning by-election 2015, 2014 WA Senate election, 2013, 2010
Australian Captial Territory Superseded 2004 2013, 2010
New South Wales Superseded 2009 North Sydney by-election 2015, 2013, 2010

How to download the GIS data

  • To download the GIS data you will need to save the linked .zip file to your computer. Right click on the link and choose the 'Save Target/Link As…' option.
  • The data is compressed/archived into a .zip format. You will require software capable of unpacking .zip type files, free software is available for this purpose, this link has been provided for your convenience only.
  • The TAB files are provided for those who do not have GIS software. To view these files, the MapInfo ProViewer software is available free for this purpose and the link is provided for your convenience.

About AEC GIS data

  • When do the new boundaries come into effect?
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