Information Publication Scheme (IPS)

Updated: 20 November 2013

What is the Information Publication Scheme?

The Information Publication Scheme (IPS) is established by Part II of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI Act) with effect from 1 May 2011. The IPS aims to transform the freedom of information framework from one that responds to individual requests for access to documents to one that requires agencies to take a proactive approach to publishing information. You can find out more about the Information Publication Scheme on the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website.

Under the Information Publication Scheme:

  • Australian Government agencies are required to publish agency plans
  • specific categories of information must be published
  • agencies may proactively publish other government information.

AEC Agency Plan

Members of the public are invited to provide comment on the current AEC Agency Plan during the period to the end of June each year. Following consideration of comments received the AEC Agency Plan will be revised and republished.

In accordance with the AEC Agency Plan (above), the AEC publishes the following information holdings:

Consultation arrangements

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