Freedom of Information (FOI) Disclosure Log 2018

Updated: 17 July 2018

FOI Request LS6374

Request for:

  • Copy of correspondence received from, and despatched to, via all forms of media, people (including Party) who made representation to the Commission requesting the Review of the original De-Registration decision, whether accepted as provided for in s.141(2) of the Act, or otherwise.
  • As well details of meetings between AEC Officers and representatives of the Democratic Labour Party, together with any file notes of telephone conversations or face to face discussions from 23rd April 2015, up to and including 1st March 2016.

Note: Due to the size of this request the releases will be staggered. Numbers 1-41 are now available.

FOI Request LS6541

Request for:

  • all communications to or from AEC staff directly involved with the redistribution/renaming of the Division of Corangamite discussing the recently announced rename of that Division as the Division of Cox, specifically including any communications regarding the appropriateness of the name, and/or the potential for the name to be misinterpreted/joked about.