Step 3. Comments on suggestions – Western Australian federal redistribution

Updated: 20 November 2023

Members of the public are invited to submit written comments on the suggestions relating to the redistribution. Suggestions are also available for perusal at the office of the Western Australian Electoral Officer in Perth at Australia Place, Level 1, 15-17 William Street, Perth. 

Guidelines are available to help with your submission.  When providing comments on suggestions, it is useful to indicate the identification number of the suggestion you are commenting on.  You may also find it helpful to look at:

Comments on suggestions may concern one or more electoral divisions and may be about:

  • one or more suggestions,
  • where to locate the new electoral division,
  • name of the new electoral division,
  • names of federal electoral divisions,
  • boundaries of federal electoral divisions, or
  • the names and boundaries of federal electoral divisions.

In developing comments on suggestions about the names of a federal electoral division, members of the public may find it helpful to consider:

In developing a comment on suggestions about the boundaries of a federal electoral division, members of the public may find it helpful to consider:

Comments on suggestions must be received by the Redistribution Committee for Western Australia by 6pm AWST Friday 1 December 2023 to allow them to be considered. 

Viewing comments on suggestions

All comments received will be published on this page in December 2023.

Please note that while the names of person and organisations that lodge written comments on suggestions will be published, signatures and personal address details (including email) will be removed prior to any publication.

To ask a question, please contact the Redistribution Secretariat at:

Other ways to lodge a comment on suggestions

Comments on suggestions to the redistribution can also be lodged by:

  • Contact: Online form
  • Fax: 02 6215 9971
  • Post: Redistribution Committee for Western Australia, Australian Electoral Commission, Locked Bag 4007, Canberra ACT 2601.