Torres Strait Regional Authority 2016 election

Updated: 7 August 2019

Voting for the TSRA Board election was completed on Saturday 30 July 2016.

Voting took place in 14 contested wards. The remaining wards of Dauan Island, Masig Island, Ngurapai and Muralag, Saibai Island, Seisia and Ugar Island were uncontested as only one candidate was nominated.

TSRA Board Member results
Ward Election Status Elected Member
Badu Island Counting Complete BAIRA, Horace
Bamaga Counting Complete YUSIA, Patricia
Boigu Island Counting Complete PETER, Eric John
Dauan Island Uncontested, Complete GAIDAN, Joel George
Erub Island Counting Complete BEDFORD, Kenneth Reginald
Hammond Island Counting Complete DORANTE, Seriako
Iama Island Counting Complete LUI, Getano B (Jnr)
Kubin Counting Complete BOSUN, David
Mabuiag Island Counting Complete REPU, Cygnet J
Masig Island Uncontested, Complete MOSBY, Hilda
Mer Island Counting Complete NOAH, Aven Stanley
Ngurapai & Muralag Uncontested, Complete LOBAN, Yen N
Port Kennedy Counting Complete PEDRO, Stephen
Poruma Island Counting Complete FAUID, Frank (Snr)
Saibai Island Uncontested, Complete ANIBA, Chelsea
Seisia Uncontested, Complete ELU, Joseph
St Pauls Counting Complete PAIWAN, John
TRAWQ Counting complete ABEDNEGO, John Stephen
Ugar Island Uncontested, Complete STEPHEN, Jerry Dixie
Warraber Island Counting Complete LUI, Willie