2004 Profile of the division of Oxley

Updated: 29 September 2011



Name Derivation:

Named after John Oxley 1783–1828, noted explorer and surveyor.

Area and Location Description:

Oxley covers an area of approximately 302 sq km from Acacia Ridge in the east to Ipswich city in the west. The main town is Ipswich.

Map of Division:

Products/Industries of the Area:

Railway workshops, coal mining, power station at Swanbank, dairying, beef cattle, horse studs and farming with some industrial, light industrial and commercial activities.

First Proclaimed/Election:

1900/1901 (The original Oxley was renamed Griffith in 1934. This division of Oxley was proclaimed in 1949.)

Demographic Rating:

Outer Metropolitan


  • RIPOLL, B (ALP) 1998–
  • HANSON, P (IND) 1996–1998
  • SCOTT, L J (ALP) 1988–1996
  • HAYDEN, B G (ALP) 1961–1988
  • CAMERON, D A (LP) 1949–1961

Current Member Details:

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AEC Divisional Office Address:

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2004 Federal Election Results:

  • Enrolment: 90 549
  • Informal Vote: 7.00%
  • Turnout: 93.67%
  • Seat Status: Fairly Safe Labor
  • Two Party Preferred: LP: 40.28% | ALP: 59.72%

Further information:

For supporting information, see Party Codes, Demographic Ratings and Seat Status.