2022 Federal Election: Election funding payments finalised

Updated: 21 December 2022

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has finalised election funding payments to political parties and candidates for the 2022 federal election.

Parties and candidates who received at least 4 per cent of the formal first preference vote at the 2022 federal election received an automatic payment of election funding of $10,656. This initial payment amount was provided pursuant to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 and is an indexed figure.

To receive election funding greater than the automatic payment, agents of eligible political parties and candidates were required to lodge a claim with the AEC setting out electoral expenditure incurred. For the 2022 federal election, the period for lodging a claim for election funding was 10 June 2022 to 20 November 2022.

The determinations for claims for election funding are published on the Transparency Register.

Total election funding paid by the AEC in relation to the 2022 federal election was $75,876,944.42. This amount includes $713,952 in automatic payments and $75,162,992.42 in claims accepted.

Editor’s notes:

Election funding payment summary – 2022 federal election

Total election funding paid by the AEC in relation to the 2022 federal election was $75,876,944.42; $73,984,748.25 of which was paid to political parties and $1,892,196.17 to independent candidates. The breakdown of the payments is shown in the tables below. The totals include the automatic payment ($10,656 per party or candidate).

Political parties

Political Party Total Election Funding Paid

Australian Labor Party - Federal


Liberal Party of Australia


The Australian Greens - Victoria


Pauline Hanson's One Nation


The Greens NSW


National Party of Australia-NSW


Queensland Greens


United Australia Party


Australian Greens


The Greens WA Inc


National Party of Australia - Victoria


Liberal Democratic Party


Country Liberal Party NT


David Pocock


Katter's Australian Party (KAP)


Jacqui Lambie Network


Centre Alliance


Kim for Canberra


Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party


National Party of Australia (WA) Inc


Victorian Socialists


Legalise Cannabis Australia


The Great Australian Party


Socialist Alliance


Indigenous - Aboriginal Party of Australia


The Local Party of Australia




Independent Candidates

Political Party Total Election Funding Paid

Zali Steggall


Helen Mary Haines


Monique Ryan


Sophie Scamps


Zoe Daniel


Allegra May Spender


Katherine Ella Chaney


Andrew Wilkie


Carolyn Gai Heise


Dai Le


Kylea Jane Tink


Rob Priestly


Kathleen Louise Hook


Nicolette Boele


Alex Dyson


Penny Ackery


Georgia Steele


Hanabeth Luke


Jack Dempsey


Liz Habermann


Deb Leonard


Sophie Kate Baldwin


Claire Ferres Miles


Jamie Christie


Suzanne Holt


Matthew Sharpham


Joanne Elizabeth Dyer


Despina O'Connor


Kirstie Smolenski


Stuart Bonds


Steve Attkins


Craig Anthony Garland


Sarah Joan Russell


Timothy Bohm


Kelli Jacobi


Stewart Brooker


James Laurie


Nina Digiglio


Jarrod James Bingham


Duncan Scott


George Razay