6 million voters so far. Time running out for pre-poll

Updated: 18 May 2022

The AEC today reminded all Australian voters that early voting centres are open and available for people who need them.

Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers said the effect of the pandemic on AEC staffing, venues and perople’s personal circumstances means that more people need to consider early voting than previous elections.

“Early voting is going incredibly well and with around 550 centres open there are options available in the coming days for people who need to vote,” Mr Rogers said.

“If you’re busy on Saturday, vulnerable to COVID-19 or aren’t certain of your circumstances then you need to plan an early vote.”

“Nearly six million voters have either pre-polled or applied for a postal vote, and many more will need to in the coming days.”

“We have extended hours for some early voting centres as well, so if you need to go after work check the opening hours at aec.gov.au”

Close contacts

People who are close contacts can turn out to an early voting centre if they have not tested positive. The AEC advises everyone, and particaurly close contacts, to take appropriate COVID safety measures when voting.

“In addition to AEC safety measures at early voting centres people can wear masks, provide physical distancing and use the sanitiser provided.”

A graph indicating higher pre poll votes for 2022 federal election comapred against 2016 and 2019 figures.