Message to Australian voters overseas: Be quick!

Updated: 14 April 2022

The Australian Electoral Commission has today urged all Australians seeking to vote from overseas this federal election to act quickly.

Electoral Commissioner, Tom Rogers said that like all Australians the immediate priority for eligible Australians overseas is to ensure they’re enrolled to vote.

“If you’re not enrolled you can’t vote, and people only have a few days left until the enrolment deadline on Monday 18 April,” Mr Rogers said.

“Once enrolled, it is then critical that overseas voters check what voting services are available as it’s a little different for this federal election due to the pandemic.”

“We’re planning on providing in-person voting services in 19 cities as part of a reduced footprint that recognises the varying pandemic effects around the world.”

“We’ve prioritised locations where most Australians live and boosted postal voting services for other Australian voters.”

“We’ll be using courier services where we can and have access to diplomatic mail for the return of postal votes in most locations around the world”

In recognition of the changing nature of the pandemic globally, it is recommended that all overseas voters apply for a postal vote as quickly as possible.

Planned overseas voting centre locations, operating days and times are available now at but may be subject to change.

Editor’s notes:

  • Postal vote ballot papers are not able to be distributed to Australians overseas until after candidates are formally declared on Friday 22 April 2022.
  • Video: Voting from outside Australia