Need a postal vote? Come to us directly

Updated: 11 April 2022

The Australian Electoral Commission has today advised Australians who need a postal vote to apply directly through the AEC website.

Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers said while you might see communication from political parties about how to apply for a postal vote, direct AEC applications are the quickest method.

COVID-19 safety measures at polling places

“Australians can feel comfortable to vote in-person this federal election,” Mr Rogers said.

“Australians have been living with the pandemic for more than two years. With most of us able to lead our daily lives in the community you can take comfort that we’ll have more COVID-19 safety measures in place at voting venues than your local shops.”

AEC  TV video: Polling place  walkthrough

Postal vote applications

AEC TV video: Postal vote applications

“While elections are in-person community events and we expect voters to turn out, Australians who won’t be able to make it in-person can now apply for a postal vote, Mr Rogers said.”

"Political parties can send postal vote applications in the mail or you might get a text message linking you back to a party website – it’s legal and the applications will get to us”.

“However, the quickest and easiest option is to do it directly at”