New citizens - 2022 federal election

Updated: 19 April 2022

Information for people becoming Australian citizens after the announcement of the 2022 federal election

There are special arrangements in place for people who will become Australian citizens after the announcement of the federal election which allows them to become provisional electors.

The provisional enrolment form needed to be completed and received by the AEC by the close of rolls at 8pm local time on Monday 18 April 2022. It is now too late to enrol to vote for the 2022 federal election.

How do I vote at a polling place?

Those people who completed a provisional enrolment by the close of rolls deadline will be able to vote in the federal election.

Because your citizenship had not been confirmed at the time the federal election was announced, your name will not be on the electoral roll at the polling place. Instead, when you visit a polling place on election day, you will be issued a provisional vote – this involves completing a declaration vote envelope and lodging your ballot papers in that envelope.

Your vote will not be counted until you show evidence of your Australian citizenship to the AEC. You can do this at the polling place by showing your citizenship certificate to a polling official.

If you do not show evidence of your citizenship at the polling place, you must send it to AEC by the first Friday following election day – Friday 27 May 2022.

If you do not provide your citizenship certificate by this day, your vote will not be counted and your provisional enrolment will be cancelled. You will then need to complete an ordinary enrolment application so your name is included on future electoral rolls.

Remember, once you become an Australian citizen it is compulsory to enrol and vote. Every time you move, you will need to fill out a new enrolment application.