2009 Higgins by-election – candidate returns

Updated: 9 March 2011
Below is a summary of disclosure returns submitted by candidates in the 2009 Higgins by-election. Select the name of a candidate to view a PDF copy of the original return.
Candidate Party Total Donations Total Expenditure
Brohier, Peter IND nil $2 828.54
Collyer, David DEM nil nil
Hamilton, Clive GRN nil nil
Mulholland, John DLP $10 104.00 $8 054.00
Murphy, Stephen IND $5 216.00 $4 232.00
O'Dwyer, Kelly LP nil nil
Patten, Fiona ASXP nil nil
Raskovy, Steve ON nil $853.60
Roberts, Isaac LDP no return lodged no return lodged
Toscano, Joseph IND nil $1 200.00