Possible donation ALP SA and Mr Nick Bolkus (2001)

Updated: 23 December 2010

This advice sets out the AEC's conclusion in relation to the matters described below:

The matter:

Whether Mr Nick Bolkus, the Australian Labor Party – South Australian Branch and donors have outstanding disclosure obligations pursuant to Part XX of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

When matter raised:

June 2003.

How matter raised:

Letter of complaint, questions in Parliament and media reports.


Part XX of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

AEC process:

The AEC considered information about the alleged payments contained in media reports concerning fundraising activities in the lead up to the 2001 federal election which questioned whether disclosure obligations had been met by Mr Nick Bolkus, the Australian Labor Party – SA Branch and certain donors to the party. The AEC also considered relevant Parliamentary Hansard records.

The Australian Labor Party – SA Branch and relevant persons and entities were contacted and requested to provide information in relation to this matter.

AEC conclusion:

After reviewing the information obtained from the various entities, the AEC has concluded that, with one exception, those required to do so have complied with the financial disclosure requirements of the Act. A donor return from Mr Dante Tan/Universal Lionshare Pty Ltd for the 2001/02 financial year is outstanding.

A number of returns, and amended returns where provided, are now available for public inspection on the AEC website. Notwithstanding that one of the entities has not provided a return, the AEC considers that the public interest would not be served by further expenditure of resources on this matter to obtain the return given that the bulk of the information has been supplied.

Date: 28 October 2005