Liberal Party - Bowman FEC (2001)

Updated: 18 July 2012

This advice sets out the AEC's conclusions in relation to the matter described below:

Matter considered:

Whether Mr Andrew Laming and the Liberal Party of Australia – Queensland Division met their financial disclosure obligations subsequent to the 2001 federal election in relation to office space provided to Mr Laming and his campaign committee.

When matter raised:

22 August 2003.

How matter raised:

Complaint received from an individual and media reports.

Legislative provisions:

Divisions 4 and 5A, Part XX of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Act).

AEC process:

The AEC reviewed media reports, the information provided by the complainant and other people and the relevant financial disclosure returns lodged, in light of the requirements of the Act. The AEC then sought and obtained further information, both verbally and in writing, from relevant people, the candidate and the party. The AEC determined that some financial disclosure returns lodged required amendment and other financial disclosure returns needed to be lodged. The AEC then requested necessary amendments to the relevant returns as well as the lodgement, by the correct people, of the additional returns required.

AEC conclusion:

After reviewing relevant information obtained the AEC has concluded that, based upon the information obtained, Mr Andrew Laming and the Liberal Party of Australia – Queensland Division have now met their disclosure obligations in relation to this matter. The AEC does not have the authority to consider or adjudicate on matters such as the purpose for which premises may have been used, or the businesses in which property owners may be involved.

Date: 12 November 2004