Alleged rorting – ALP fundraising anomalies

Updated: 23 December 2010

This advice sets out the Australian Electoral Commission's (AEC's) conclusions in relation to the matters described below.

The Matter:

Whether there was an outstanding disclosure obligation in relation to funds raised at ALP fund-raising activities in Melbourne in 2004.

When Matter Raised:

An article appeared in the 'Age' Newspaper on the 23/5/2007.


Part XX of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

There is one section of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Act) relevant to this matter.

Subsection 314AB of the Act requires that the agent of the party must submit a return on which must be set out the total amount received, the total amount paid, during the financial year and the total outstanding amount as at the end of the financial year.

AEC Process:

This inquiry has taken fourteen months to complete.

For this matter, the AEC corresponded with: Stephan Newnham; the party agent and Stephan Booth, the registered owner of the company who organised the function. The AEC also consulted files of past compliance review conducted on this party branch.

AEC Conclusion:

After due investigations, the AEC can find no conclusive evidence to support the allegation that the ALP (Victorian branch) failed in their disclosure obligations.

Date: 18 August 2008