Alcoa Allsites Operators

Updated: 23 December 2010

This advice sets out the AEC's conclusion in relation to the matters described below.

The matter:

Whether the rules of electoral disclosure were adhered to by an organisation called 'Alcoa Allsites Operators'.

When matter raised:

Mr Don Randall MP (Member for Canning) raised concerns with Alcoa Allsites Operations in his adjournment speech on 25 June 2009. Mr Randall forwarded these matters to the AEC on 2 July 2009.


Div 4 of Part XX of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918:

  • Section 305B titled 'Gifts to Political Parties' requires persons who make gifts totalling more than the disclosure threshold to a Registered Political Party or a State Branch of a Registered Political Party to furnish a disclosure return detailing those gifts to the Electoral Commission.

AEC process:

The AEC originally attempted to obtain a disclosure return from "Alcoa Allsite Operations" when it became aware of its donations in October 2008. Contact was not successfully made at that time nor was a return separately lodged.

Further enquires established that Mr Simon Price was the Secretary of 'Alcoa Allsites Operators', the organisation that made the donation.

Mr Price lodged a donor return for 'Alcoa Allsites Operators' after contact was made.

AEC conclusion:

The AEC is now satisfied that all disclosure obligations have been fulfilled by 'Alcoa Allsites Operators'.

Date: August 2009