Why have I received an email, letter or SMS from the AEC?

Updated: 19 April 2021

The AEC will send you correspondence in regards to your enrolment via email, letter or SMS.

We may send you the email, letter or SMS:

  • about your enrolment query
  • about an enrolment application you have submitted
  • when we receive information that you are not currently enrolled to vote
  • when we receive information that you have moved but not updated your enrolment details

In Australia, it is compulsory for Australian citizens aged 18 and over to enrol to vote. If you don't update your enrolment details, you may be removed from the electoral roll and unable to vote.

In responding to an AEC letter please use the link to send the image of the completed section.

I need to enrol or update my address

If you receive an email, letter or SMS advising you to enrol or update your address, you can:

The AEC will confirm your enrolment within three weeks and may contact you to request further information.

I am being enrolled, or my address is being updated, based on information from another government agency

You may receive a letter advising you that the AEC intends to enrol you, or update your address, using information from another government agency. You do not need to respond to the letter if your details are correct.

If you are a relative of a person with a condition that prevents them from understanding the nature and significance of enrolling and voting, please contact the AEC. If you have any other special needs, you can find out about special enrolment options.