Review process: Enrolment-related decisions

Updated: 28 October 2019

Section 120 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 allows for certain enrolment decisions to be subject to internal review. In these cases, the letter which notified someone of an enrolment decision will also notify them of their rights to request an internal review.

To obtain information about how an initial decision was made, you can contact your local AEC office.

Requesting a review

A request for an internal review must be made in writing to the Electoral Commissioner, before the end of 28 days, starting on the day on which you received the letter informing you of the decision.

Applications for review should be sent to your local AEC office. Please ensure that you clearly state you are seeking a review of a decision and include your contact details and any reference numbers that may appear on your letter.

There is no fee payable for requesting an internal review.

Conducting an internal review

The Electoral Commissioner, or their delegate, who was not involved in making the original decision will consider all relevant material, legislation and policy that led to the original decision. There are three possible outcomes from an internal review:

  • the original decision will be upheld without change
  • the original decision will be upheld with a variation
  • the original decision will be set aside and a new decision will be made.

External review of outcome requested

If an internal review has been completed and you do not agree with the outcome, you are able to apply to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for an external review of the decision. More information on how to apply to the AAT and any applicable fees can be found on the AAT website.