2016 federal election: profile of the electoral division of Bendigo (Vic)

Updated: 8 July 2016
Current, boundary gazetted 24 December 2010.
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Maps & GIS data:
A4 map of the Division of Bendigo (2010) [PDF 935KB]
Map of the Division of Bendigo (2010) [PDF 50.6MB]
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Name Derivation:
Named after the city which is its main centre.
Area and Location Description:
The Division of Bendigo is situated on the northern foothills of the Great Dividing Range in North Central Victoria. It covers an area of approximately 6 255 sq km and provides the southern gateway to the Murray Darling Basin. In addition to the city of Bendigo, other large population centres in the division include Castlemaine, Heathcote, Kyneton and Woodend. Bendigo shares boundaries with the divisions of Murray to the north, Wannon to the west, Ballarat to the south and McEwen to the east.
Products/Industries of the Area:
The main population centre (Bendigo) is now the administrative, commercial and educational centre for North Central and Northern Victoria. The rural area of the division supports a diverse range of farming, agricultural and viticultural activities along with continuing gold mining and other extractive industries.
First Proclaimed/Election:
Demographic Rating:
Chesters, L (ALP) 2013–
Gibbons, S (ALP) 1998–2013
Reid, B (LP) 1990–1998
Brumby, J M (ALP) 1983–1990
Bourchier, J W (LP) 1972–1983
Kennedy, A D (ALP) 1969–1972
Beaton, N L (ALP) 1960–1969
Clarey, P J (ALP) 1949–1960
Rankin, G J (ST CP/UCP/CP) 1937–1949
Harrison, E F (UAP) 1931–1937
Kean, R V (ALP) 1929–1931
Hurry, G (NAT) 1922–1929
Hughes, W M (NAT) 1917–1922
Hampson, A J (ALP) 1915–1917
Arthur, J A (ALP) 1913–1914
Quick, J (PROT/IND PROT/LIB) 1901–1913
Current Member Details:
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