2013 federal election: Profile of the electoral division of Corangamite (Vic)

Updated: 4 September 2013
Current, boundary gazetted 24 December 2010.
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Maps & GIS data:
A4 map of the Division of Corangamite (2010) [PDF 754KB]
Map of the Division of Corangamite (2010) [PDF 17.4MB]
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Name Derivation:
Named after Lake Corangamite. The name of the lake originated from the Aboriginal word for 'bitter', describing the salt content of the lake.
Area and Location Description:
The Division of Corangamite is located in south-western Victoria. It covers an area of 7 624 sq km encasing spectacular coastline, scenic rainforest, magnificent beaches and rolling plains. The localities of Anglesea, Apollo Bay, Colac, Inverleigh, Lorne, Torquay and Winchelsea and parts of the Greater City of Geelong (Barwon Heads, Belmont, Grovedale, Highton, Ocean Grove) are located in this division. The division of Corangamite is bordered by the divisions of Wannon to the west, Ballarat to the north and Corio to the east.
Products/Industries of the Area:
Primary production (beef, crops, dairy, fishing, forestry, sheep, horticulture and organic farming), food processing, manufacturing, retail and tourism.
First Proclaimed/Election:
Demographic Rating:
Cheeseman, D (ALP) 2007–
McArthur, S (LP) 1984–2007
Street, A A (LP) 1966–1984
Mackinnon, E D (LP) 1953–1966
McDonald, A M (UAP/LP) 1940–1953
Street, G A (UAP) 1934–1940
Gibson, W G (CP) 1931–1934
Crouch, R A (ALP) 1929–1931
Gibson, W G (FU/VFU/CP) 1918–1929
Manifold, J C (LIB/NAT) 1913–1918
Scullin, J H (ALP) 1910–1913
Wilson, J G (FT/ANTI-SOC) 1903–1910
Manifold, J C (PROT) 1901–1903
Current Member Details:
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Further information:
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