2013 federal election: Profile of the electoral division of Braddon (Tas)

Updated: 4 September 2013
AEC Divisional Office:
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Map of Division:
A4 map of the Division of Braddon (2009) [PDF 120KB]
Map of the Division of Braddon (2009) [PDF 12.9MB]
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Name Derivation:
Named after Sir Edward Braddon 1829–1904, Premier of Tasmania 1894–99, and a Member of the House of Representatives 1901–04.
Area and Location Description:
Braddon is a rural electorate covering approximately 20 826 sq km in the north west and west of Tasmania and includes King Island. The cities of Burnie and Devonport are major population centres in the Division of Braddon. Other towns include Currie, Latrobe, Penguin, Queenstown, Rosebery, Smithton, Somerset, Stanley, Strahan, Ulverstone, Waratah, Wynyard and Zeehan.
Products/Industries of the Area:
Forestry, fishing, aquaculture, kelp harvesting, dairying, beef cattle production, and vegetable, poppy and pyrethrum growing are major primary industries. Vegetable processing, cheese manufacture, sawmilling and woodchipping complement these activities. Mining and tourism are major industries in Braddon. A number of telecommunications call centres are located in the Division. Burnie and Devonport are major sea ports, with interstate airports located at Devonport and Wynyard. A daily passenger ferry service operates between Devonport and Port Melbourne.
First Proclaimed/Election:
1955 (This division was previously Darwin, which was proclaimed in 1903. Its name was changed in 1955.)
Demographic Rating:
Sidebottom, S (ALP) 2007–
Baker, M (LP) 2004–2007
Sidebottom, S (ALP) 1998–2004
Miles, C (LP) 1984–1998
Groom, R J (LP) 1975–1984
Davies, R (ALP) 1958–1975
Luck, A W G (LP) 1955–1958
Current member details:
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Further information:
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