2013 federal election: Profile of the electoral division of Adelaide (SA)

Updated: 4 September 2013
South Australia
Current, boundary gazetted 16 December 2011.
AEC Divisional Office:
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Maps & GIS data:
A4 map of the Division of Adelaide (2011) [PDF 285KB]
Map of the Division of Adelaide (2011) [PDF 4.8MB]
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Name Derivation:
Named after the city of Adelaide which in turn was named after Queen Adelaide, wife of William IV.
Area and Location Description:
The division of Adelaide covers an area of approximately 76 sq km from Grand Junction Road in the north to Cross Road in the south. Suburbs include Ashford, Clarence Park, Enfield, Goodwood, Kent Town, Keswick, Kilburn, Maylands, North Adelaide, Northgate, Norwood, Parkside, Prospect, Rose Park, St Peters, Toorak Gardens, Unley, Walkerville and the City of Adelaide.
Products/Industries of the Area:
Adelaide central business district, cricket/football stadium, hospitals, markets, newspapers, military barracks, universities, brewery, soft-drink bottlers, rail/bus terminals.
First Proclaimed/Election:
Demographic Rating:
Inner Metropolitan
Ellis, K (ALP) 2004–
Worth, T (LP) 1993–2004
Catley, R (ALP) 1990–1993
Pratt, M P (LP) 1988–1990
Hurford, C J (ALP) 1969–1988
Jones, A T (LP) 1966–1969
Sexton, J C L (ALP) 1958–1966
Chambers, C (ALP) 1943–1958
Stacey, F H (UAP) 1931–1943
Yates, G E (ALP) 1922–1931
Blundell, R P (NAT) 1919–1922
Yates, G E (ALP) 1914–1919
Roberts, E A (ALP) 1908–1913
Kingston, C C (PROT) 1903–1908
Current Member Details:
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Further information:
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