Commonwealth Electoral Division of Wide Bay (Qld)

Updated: 24 October 2011

Boundary gazetted:

15 December 2009

Division name:

Wide Bay




Current, boundary gazetted 15 December 2009 (former divisional profile)

Contact details:

Contact the Wide Bay AEC divisional office

Name derivation:

Named after the district which takes its name from the bay sighted by Captain Cook on 18 May 1770.

Size & location description:

Wide Bay covers an area of approximately 14 573 sq km from Weyba Downs and Peregian Beach in the SE; from Fraser Island in the NE; from Booubyjan in the NW to the township of Cherbourg in the SW and Bella Creek in the south. Major population centres are Maryborough, Noosa Heads and Gympie. The World Heritage listed Fraser Island (the world's largest sand island) is located in the Division.

Maps & GIS data:

Products/industries of the area:

Eco-tourism (Fraser Island), historical attractions (Maryborough), natural attractions (Cooloola Coast) timber, dairying, grain, grazing, sugar, tropical fruit orchards, and railway rolling stock (including Queensland's 'tilt' trains).

First proclaimed/election:


Demographic rating:



  • Truss, W (NP) 1990–
  • Millar, P C (CP/NCP/NP) 1974–1990
  • Hansen, B P (ALP) 1961–1974
  • Bandidt, H N C (CP) 1958–1961
  • Brand, W A (CP) 1954–1958
  • Corser, B H (CP) 1928–1954
  • Corser, E B C (LIB/NAT) 1915–1928
  • Fisher, A (ALP) 1901–1915

Current Member Details:

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Further information:

For supporting information, see Party Codes, Demographic Ratings and Seat Status.