Commonwealth Electoral Division of Oxley (Qld)

Updated: 24 October 2011

Boundary gazetted:

15 December 2009

Division name:





Current, boundary gazetted 15 December 2009 (former divisional profile)

Contact details:

Contact the Oxley AEC divisional office

Name derivation:

Named after John Oxley (1783–1828), noted explorer and surveyor.

Size & location description:

Oxley covers an area of approximately 155 sq km from Durack and Larapinta in the east to Redbank and part of Redbank Plains in the west, and from Jindalee and Sinnamon Park in the north to Augustine Heights and Springfield Lakes in the south. Suburbs include Jindalee, Mount Ommaney, Middle Park, Jamboree Heights, Riverhills, Sumner, Seventeen Mile Rocks, Sinnamon Park, Darra, Durack, Inala, Richlands, Forest Lake, Ellen Grove, Doolandella, Heathwood, Pallara, Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Camira, Carole Park, Wacol, Gailes, Goodna, Redbank, Bellbird Park, Brookwater, Augustine Heights and parts of Collingwood Park and Redbank Plains.

Maps & GIS data:

Products/industries of the area:

Railway workshops, industrial, light industrial and commercial activities.

First proclaimed/election:

1900/1901 (The original Oxley was renamed Griffith in 1934. This division of Oxley was proclaimed in 1949.)

Demographic rating:

Outer Metropolitan


  • Ripoll, B (ALP) 1998–
  • Hanson, P (IND) 1996–1998
  • Scott, L J (ALP) 1988–1996
  • Hayden, B G (ALP) 1961–1988
  • Cameron, D A (LP) 1949–1961

Current Member Details:

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Further information:

For supporting information, see Party Codes, Demographic Ratings and Seat Status.