Commonwealth Electoral Division of Hinkler (Qld)

Updated: 24 October 2011

Boundary gazetted:

15 December 2009

Division name:





Current, boundary gazetted 15 December 2009 (former divisional profile)

Contact details:

Contact the Hinkler AEC divisional office

Name derivation:

Named after Bert Hinkler (1892–1933), pioneer aviator. First person to fly solo from England to Australia 1928.

Size & location description:

Hinkler covers an area of approximately 3 504 sq km starting at the Burnett River at Burnett Heads in the north, continuing west along the Burnett River following the Bundaberg Regional Council boundary, bordering the locality Duckinwilla in the south and following the Susan River to River Heads at the mouth of the Mary River. The major population centres are Bundaberg and Hervey Bay. Other towns include Bargara, Childers and Burrum Heads.

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Products/industries of the area:

Sugar, a myriad of small crops including tomatoes, avocados and macadamia nuts, rum, fishing, seafood industries and tourism.

First proclaimed/election:


Demographic rating:



  • Neville, P (NP) 1993–
  • Courtice, B W (ALP) 1987–1993
  • Conquest, B J (NP) 1984–1987

Current Member Details:

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Further information:

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