Commonwealth Electoral Division of Griffith (Qld)

Updated: 24 October 2011

Boundary gazetted:

15 December 2009

Division name:





Current, boundary gazetted 15 December 2009 (former divisional profile)

Contact details:

Contact the Griffith AEC divisional office

Name derivation:

Named after Sir Samuel Griffith (1845–1920), Premier of Queensland 1883–88, 1890–93 and Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia 1903–19.

Size & location description:

Griffith covers an area of approximately 60 sq km of the southern Brisbane suburban area. The main suburbs include Balmoral, Bulimba, Camp Hill, Carina Heights, Coorparoo, Dutton Park, East Brisbane, Greenslopes, Highgate Hill, Hawthorne, Kangaroo Point, Morningside, Norman Park, Seven Hills, South Brisbane, Woolloongabba and parts of Annerley, Cannon Hill, Carina, Holland Park, Holland Park West, Mount Gravatt East, Murarrie, Tarragindi and West End.

Maps & GIS data:

Products/industries of the area:

The area is mostly residential with some food processing and light industry. It is also the location of the world famous Brisbane Cricket Ground known as The Gabba.

First proclaimed/election:

1934 (Griffith became a division in 1934 but was previously known as Oxley which became a division in 1900.)

Demographic rating:

Outer Metropolitan


  • Rudd, K (ALP) 1998–
  • McDougall, G (LP) 1996–1998
  • Humphreys, B C (ALP) 1977–1996
  • Cameron, D M (LP) 1966–1977
  • Coutts, W C (ALP) 1961–1966
  • Chresby, A A (LP) 1958–1961
  • Coutts, W C (ALP) 1954–1958
  • Berry, D R (LP) 1949–1954
  • Conelan, W P (ALP) 1939–1949
  • Baker, F M (FLP) 1934–1939

Current Member Details:

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Further information:

For supporting information, see Party Codes, Demographic Ratings and Seat Status.