Commonwealth Electoral Division of Riverina (NSW)

Updated: 24 October 2011

Boundary gazetted:

22 December 2009

Division name:



New South Wales


Current, boundary gazetted 22 December 2009 (former divisional profile)

Contact details:

Contact the Riverina AEC divisional office

Name derivation:

Named after the area in which it is located.

Size & location description:

Riverina covers an area of approximately 61 435 sq km. The division is located in the south of NSW and extends from Adjungbilly, Yarrangobilly and Cabramurra in the east to Carrathool and Gunbar in the west and from Hillston, Naradhan and Ungarie in the north to Coleambally, Corobimilla, Khancoban and Uranquinty in the south. The rural cities of Wagga Wagga and Griffith are the largest centres. Towns include Coleambally, Coolamon, Gundagai, Hillston, Junee, Leeton, Narrandera, Temora, Tumut, Tumbarumba and West Wyalong.

Maps & GIS data:

Products/industries of the area:

Wheat, barley, canola, rice and cereal crops. Fat lambs, wool, poultry, dairying, cattle, ostrich, emu, deer, and goat farming. Food processing, fruit, grapes and wine making. Flour-milling, concrete pipes, steel construction, saw milling, joinery, plaster works and tourism.

First proclaimed/election:

1901 (From 1984 to 1991 the division was known as Riverina-Darling.)

Demographic rating:



  • Hull, K (NP) 1998–
  • Hicks, N J (NCP/NP) 1980–1998
  • Fitzpatrick, J (ALP) 1977–1980
  • Sullivan, J W (CP/NCP) 1974–1977
  • Grassby, A J (ALP) 1969–1974
  • Armstrong, A A (CP) 1965–1969
  • Roberton, H S (CP) 1949–1965
  • Langtry, J I (ALP) 1940–1949
  • Nock, H K (CP) 1931–1940
  • Killen, W W (CP) 1922–1931
  • Chanter, J M (NAT & FARMERS) 1914–1922
  • Falkiner, F B S (LIB) 1913–1914
  • Chanter, J M (PROT/ALP) 1904–1913
  • Blackwood, R O (FT) 1903–1904
  • Chanter, J M (PROT) 1901–1903

Current Member Details:

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Further information:

For supporting information, see Party Codes, Demographic Ratings and Seat Status.