Commonwealth Electoral Division of Greenway (NSW)

Updated: 3 November 2010

Boundary gazetted:

22 December 2009

Division name:



New South Wales


Current, boundary gazetted 22 December 2009 (former divisional profile)

Contact details:

Contact the Greenway AEC divisional office

Name derivation:

Named after Francis Greenway (1777–1837), an architect under Governor Macquarie.

Size & location description:

Greenway covers an area of approximately 84 sq km from Prospect and Pendle Hill in the South to Riverstone and Vineyard in the North encompassing most of Blacktown Council area and portions of Holroyd and Parramatta Council areas. Suburbs and towns include Acacia Gardens, Girraween, Glenwood, Kellyville Ridge, Kings Langley, Kings Park, Lalor Park, Parklea, Seven Hills, Stanhope Gardens, The Ponds, Toongabbie and parts of Blacktown, Pendle Hill, Prospect, Quakers Hill, Riverstone, Rouse Hill, Schofields and Vineyard.

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Products/industries of the area:

Light and heavy engineering, Smash repairs, electronics, food processing, warehousing and distribution, light industrial. The area of Greenway also contains comprehensive educational facilities.

First proclaimed/election:


Demographic rating:

Outer Metropolitan


  • Markus, L (LP) 2004–
  • Mossfield, F (ALP) 1996–2004
  • Gorman, R N J (ALP) 1984–1996

Current Member Details:

Please refer to the Parliament of Australia website

Further information:

For supporting information, see Party Codes, Demographic Ratings and Seat Status.