Media fact sheet - 2007 federal election key facts and figures

Updated: 25 January 2011
Enrolment key facts
How many Australians were enrolled at the 2007 close of rolls at 8pm, Tuesday 23 October 2007?
(an increase of 623 843 from 13 021 230 electors at 2004 election)
13 645 073
How many Australians aged 18 to 24 were enrolled at the 2007 close of rolls? 1 535 867
Nominations key facts
How many candidates have nominated for the 2007 election?
(same overall total at 2004 election)
1 421
How many candidates have nominated for the House of Representatives?
(a decrease of 37 from 1 091 candidates at 2004 election)
1 054
How many candidates have nominated for the Senate?
(an increase of 37 from 330 candidates at 2004 election)
What division has the largest number of candidates? 13 in Bennelong (NSW)
What division has the smallest number of candidates? 4 in Barton (NSW), Fowler (NSW), Lowe (NSW), Throsby (NSW), Ballarat (VIC), Wannon (VIC), Canberra (ACT)
How many political parties were registered when the register closed (Tuesday 16 October 2007)? 53 political parties
How many of these parties are fielding candidates? 46 political parties
Polling arrangements
How many polling places in Australia on election day? 7 723
How many early voting centres?
(an increase from 309 centres at 2004 election)
How many overseas voting polling places? over 100 Australian Diplomatic Missions
How many remote mobile polling teams are visiting remote locations? 37 teams visiting 390 locations
How many mobile teams are visiting special hospitals? 444 teams visiting 2 447 locations
How many early voting centres will have electronic voting machines for electors who are blind or have low vision? 29 locations around Australia
How many languages will information be available in at every polling place? Information on how to vote in 21 languages
Which polling place issues the most votes? Australia House in London (20 716 at 2004 election)
Which polling place in Australia issued the most votes in 2004? Narre Warren in the Division of Holt in Victoria issued 7 823 votes
Which polling place in Australia issued the least votes in 2004? Jenolan Caves in the Division of Calare in NSW and Tardun in the Division of Kalgoorlie in WA both issued 19 votes
Election resources
How many ballot papers are printed? Over 43 million
How many ballot boxes produced*? 45 500 ballot boxes
How many voting screens produced*? 152 500 voting screens
How many recycling bins produced*?
(* these figures include items recovered for re-use after the 2004 election and weigh 140 tonnes overall)
approx. 14 000
How many pencils do we need? approx. 100 000
How much string do we need? approx. 140 kilometres
How many households will be delivered the 'Your official guide to the 2007 federal election'? approx. 8 million
What print alternative formats will the guide be produced in? audio, E-text and Braille
How many temporary staff will be employed? approx. 70 000
How many election call centre operators have been trained? approx. 450
When will the election call centre operate? 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, and on election day 7am to 9pm
How much will the 2007 election cost? approx. $95 million including pre-election advertising and excluding public funding
What is the public funding for candidates if they achieve at least 4% of the formal first preference vote? $2.10 (210.027 cents) per vote
Virtual Tally Room
How many pages will the VTR have on election night? 1200 pages
How often will VTR results be updated on election night? every 90 seconds
How often will VTR results be updated in the post-election period? every 15 minutes