2004 Profile of the division of Gippsland

Updated: 29 September 2011



Name Derivation:

Named after the area which was explored by Angus McMillan in 1839. It was named after Governor Sir George Gipps.

Area and Location Description:

Gippsland covers an area of approximately 33 264 sq km from the New South Wales border in the north-east to Port Albert in the south-west. The main towns include Bairnsdale, Churchill, Heyfield, Lakes Entrance, Maffra, Morwell, Stratford, Traralgon, Yarram, Orbost, Rosedale and Sale.

Map of Division:

Products/Industries of the Area:

Dairying, beef, fishing, forestry, sheep, cropping, sawmills, vegetables, oil, gas, tourism and correctional services, RAAF Base (East Sale).

First Proclaimed/Election:


Demographic Rating:



  • MCGAURAN, P (NP) 1983–
  • NIXON, P J (CP/NCP/NP) 1961–1983
  • BOWDEN, G J (CP) 1943–1961
  • PATERSON, T (CP/LCP) 1922–1943
  • WISE, G H (PROT/NAT) 1914–1922
  • BENNETT, J (LIB) 1913–1914
  • WISE, G H (PROT) 1906–1913
  • MCLEAN, A (PROT) 1901–1906

Current Member Details:

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AEC Divisional Office Address:

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2004 Federal Election Results:

  • Enrolment: 93 062
  • Informal Vote: 4.23%
  • Turnout: 95.63%
  • Seat Status: Fairly Safe National
  • Two Party Preferred: NP: 57.7% | ALP: 42.3%

Further information:

For supporting information, see Party Codes, Demographic Ratings and Seat Status.