2001 Profile of the division of Solomon

Updated: 9 February 2011


Northern Territory

Name Derivation:

Named after Vaiben Louis Solomon (1853–1908), who has been described as the Northern Territory's founding father of federation. He served as a member or Mayor of the Palmerston (original name of the Darwin settlement) District Council for 17 years and was an active member of the 1887 and 1898 Constitutional Conventions that led to the creation of the Commonwealth of Australia. In 1901, Mr Solomon was elected as one of the first Members of the House of Representatives as the member for the South Australian seat that included the Northern Territory.

Area and Location Description:

It covers an area of approximately 326 sq. km and includes the cities of Darwin and Palmerston and urban fringes.

Products/Industries of the area:

Tourism, horticulture, fishing and light industry.

First Proclaimed

2000 (previously part of the division of Northern Territory – 1922 – see below)


  • David Tollner (CLP) 2001–

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Demographic Rating

Inner Metropolitan

Previous Members for the Division of Northern Teritory

  • W Snowdon (ALP) 1998–2001
  • N Dondas (CLP) 1996–98
  • W E Snowdon (ALP) 1987–96
  • P Everingham (CLP) 1984–87
  • J E Reeves (ALP) 1983–84
  • G E J Tambling (NCP/NP) 1980–83
  • S E Calder (CP/NCP) 1966–80
  • J N Nelson (ALP) 1949–66
  • A MacAlister Blair (IND) 1934–49
  • H G Nelson (ALP) 1922–34
Statistical information
10 November 2001 Election

Enrolment: 53 945

Informal Vote: 4.43%

Turnout: 91.99%

Seat Status: Marginal Northern Territory Country Liberal

Two Party Preferred:

  • ALP: 49.91%
  • CLP: 50.09%