2001 Profile of the division of Perth

Updated: 9 February 2011


Western Australia

Name Derivation:

Named after the City of Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, which was founded in 1829 under Lieutenant-Governor (later Sir) James Stirling. It was proclaimed a city by Queen Victoria in 1856.

Area and Location Description:

The Division of Perth covers an area of approximately 74 sq km bordered by the Swan River to the south and east, the Mitchell Freeway and Charles Street to the west and the suburbs of Morley and Beechboro to the north.

Products/Industries of the area:

Perth City is Western Australia's centre of Government and contains the State's commercial and professional district. Government House, parks and gardens combined with the city shopping complex are a feature of the division. Perth was named The City of Lights by US astronaut John Glenn when he orbited above the city in the first Challenger spacecraft in 1962. Perth is the western gateway into Australia and has a thriving tourist industry.

First Proclaimed/Election



  • Stephen Smith (ALP) 1993–
  • R Charlesworth (ALP) 1983–93
  • R M McLean (LP) 1975–83
  • J M Berinson (ALP) 1969–75
  • F C Chaney (LP) 1955–69
  • T P Burke (ALP) 1943–55
  • W M Nairn (NAT/ UAP) 1929–43
  • E A Mann (NAT) 1922–29
  • J Fowler (ALP/LIB/NAT) 1901–22

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Demographic Rating

Inner Metropolitan

Statistical information
3 October 1998 Election 6 November 1999 Referendum 10 November 2001 Election

Enrolment: 84 448

Informal Vote: 3.89%

Turnout: 94.32%

Seat Status: Safe Labor

Two Party Preferred:

  • ALP: 63.28%
  • LP: 36.72%

Enrolment: 86 072

Informal Vote:

  • Republic Question 1.08%
  • Preamble Question 1.12%


  • Republic Question 95.02%
  • Preamble Question 95.02%

Enrolment: 82 049

Informal Vote: 5.02%

Turnout: 94.85%

Seat Status: Safe Labor

Two Party Preferred:

  • ALP: 61.21%
  • LP: 38.79%