2001 Profile of the division of Farrer

Updated: 9 February 2011


New South Wales

Name Derivation:

Named after William James Farrer (1845–1906), a noted wheat breeder and experimentalist.

Area and Location Description:

Farrer covers some 18 Shires, approximately 96 844 sq km in southern NSW and shares boundaries with the New South Wales divisions of Riverina and Parkes in the north and Hume and Eden-Monaro in the east.

Farrer stretches along the Murray River from Mount Kosciuzko in the east to the South Australian border in the west. The largest city is Albury. Other major towns include Batlow, Deniliquin, Corowa, Finley and Tumut.

Products/Industries of the area:

Large scale irrigation areas, such as around Deniliquin and Wentworth, produce dairy products, fat sheep and cattle, orchard and vine crops, apples and rice. Other major agricultural products include wool, timber, wheat and cereals. Many industries are based on the processing of agricultural products, such as the Australian Newsprint Mills at Albury and the largest rice mill in the southern hemisphere at Deniliquin. Other industries include the preparation of dairy goods, juices and wines, and Tumut contains a portion of the Snowy Mountain hydro-electric scheme.

First Proclaimed



  • Sussan Ley (LP) 2001–
  • T Fischer (NP) 1984–2001
  • W C Fife (LP) 1975–84
  • D E Fairbairn (LP) 1949–75

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Demographic Rating


Statistical information
3 October 1998 Election 6 November 1999 Referendum 10 November 2001 Election

Enrolment: 75 126

Informal Vote: 3.93%

Turnout: 95.91%

Seat Status: Safe National

Two Party Preferred:

  • ALP: 35.38%
  • NP: 64.62%

Enrolment: 74 884

Informal Vote:

  • Republic Question 0.76%
  • Preamble Question 0.76%


  • Republic Question 95.31%
  • Preamble Question 95.31%

Enrolment: 84 423

Informal Vote: 6.39%

Turnout: 95.58%

Seat Status: Marginal Liberal

Two Party Preferred:

  • ALP: 33.63%
  • LP: 66.37%