Our strategic focus

Updated: 29 August 2019

The Australian community expects – and demands – that the AEC is a professional, responsive electoral management body with an outstanding reputation for sound processes and integrity in delivering electoral events and services.

That reputation can only be achieved by delivering trusted, consistently reliable, high quality, high integrity electoral events and services.

The AEC values of electoral integrity through quality, agility and professionalism drive strategic and corporate planning and assist in organising the agency in a way that will effectively deliver the business into the future.

The agency directions and priority activities are outlined in strategic documents including the AEC Corporate Plan and the Electoral Integrity Framework.

AEC Corporate Plan

The AEC's Corporate Plan is the central document in setting the agency's strategic direction for the next four years. It outlines the organisation's purpose, values, focus and priorities.

The AEC's activities are guided by the Election Readiness Framework, the AEC's key tool for planning for electoral events. There are three major phases to the framework – Evaluate and Learn, Implement Change, and Mobilisation.

Electoral Integrity Framework

The Electoral Integrity Framework outlines the key integrity principles that should underpin all related AEC work in order to maintain high levels of electoral integrity.

The framework is focused on AEC processes and procedures and does not comment on the underlying integrity of the legislated systems of enrolment and elections in Australia's electoral system. The framework currently applies to enrolment, and may, in time, apply to other areas of the AEC's work, such as funding and disclosure or industrial and commercial elections.