Research Report 5 - Analysis of Electoral Divisions Classifications: Managing the Classification Process

Updated: 30 May 2013

Managing the Classification Process

The AEC will continue assigning classification categories to electoral divisions. Classification decisions will only be made after consultation with the Australian Electoral Office of the relevant State or Territory.

There will be three categories of classification:

  • the existing classification according to party safeness;
  • geographic classification which, as outlined above will build on and clarify the existing socio-demographic classification; and
  • a new category based on socio-economic criteria and as outlined above.

The allocation of electoral divisions to classification categories will be undertaken according to the following schedule:

  • geographic classification: after each redistribution in a State or Territory;
  • party safeness classification: after each House of Representatives election OR after each redistribution in a State or Territory; and
  • socio-economic classification: after each population census OR after each redistribution of a State or Territory.

Attachment 3 lists electoral divisions against the three categories of classification.

The classification of divisions will be reviewed following a House of Representatives election, a population census or a redistribution. The results of this review will be promulgated through AEC publications and web media with a record of divisional classification to be kept on the Roll Management System (RMANS). The first review of electoral divisions against the three categories of party safeness, geographic criteria and socio-economic status will occur following the 2004 federal election.

Any comments?

If you have any comments to make on the proposed change to the system of electoral division classification please send them to the Australian Electoral Commission via: We appreciate your feedback.