Research Report 4 - Australian Federal Redistributions 1901-2003

Updated: 15 January 2013
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Australian Federal Redistributions 1901–2003

Author: Andy Christian

Date: April 2004

In addition to this paper, a separate CD-ROM is available containing data on each electoral division for the redistributions since 1901. The data is voluminous and consequently has been copied to a CD-ROM. Order a free copy of this CD-ROM by emailing Please include your name, organisation and postal address.


What is a redistribution?


Origins of the Australian Redistribution Process

The Redistribution process

The Redistribution timetable

Legislative changes affecting redistributions

Appendix One: Measures of Malapportionment

Appendix Two: Summary Tables

Appendix Three: Frequency of Distributions & Redistributions

Appendix Four: Comparative Table of Legislative Changes 1977–1998

Appendix Five: Electoral Divisions Created and Abolished 1901–2003

Part Two: Electoral Redistributions 1901–2003


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