Section L - Enhancing individual performance

Updated: 6 December 2016

80 Performance management

80.1 All Employees must participate in the AEC's performance management program (PMP) which requires:

  1. for each performance cycle, the development of an Individual Performance Plan (IPP), by negotiation and agreement between the Employee and their supervisor, which clearly outlines the requirements and expectations of the position and the measures that are used to assess individual performance and an Employee's development goals; and
  2. participation in regular performance reviews including a mid-cycle and end-of-cycle review.

80.2 Meeting the requirements set out in the agreed IPP is the basis for salary progression, as outlined in clause 10.3.

80.3 An Employee can only be rated as not meeting requirements if their unsatisfactory performance of duties has not resolved or is being addressed through the development of a performance improvement plan (PIP).

81 Managing unsatisfactory performance of duties

81.1 Unsatisfactory performance of duties is identified when a supervisor makes an assessment that an employee's performance is unsatisfactory at the required Classification.

81.2 At the commencement of a process under clause 81, the Employee will be advised that they may receive guidance, assistance or representation from a person of their choice at any stage during this process.

81.3 Where unsatisfactory performance of duties is identified, the affected Employee and their supervisor will work to attain and sustain the required work level standard for the Employee at that Classification.

81.4 The following principles will apply to managing unsatisfactory performance of duties in the AEC:

  1. the Employee will be afforded procedural fairness;
  2. issues will be dealt without delay and as efficiently as a properly conducted process allows; and
  3. unrelated matters, or previously unaddressed work performance issues, will not be introduced into the unsatisfactory performance situation being managed.
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