Attachment 2 – Supported wage system

Updated: 6 December 2016

1 Eligibility criteria

1.1 Employees covered by this Attachment will be those who are unable to perform the range of duties to the competence level required within the Classification for which the Employee is engaged under this Agreement, because of the effects of a disability on their productive capacity and who meet the impairment criteria for receipt of a disability support pension.

1.2 This Attachment does not apply to any existing Employee who has a claim against the AEC which is subject to the provisions of workers compensation legislation or any provision of this Agreement relating to the rehabilitation of employees who are injured in the course of their employment.

2 Supported wage rates

2.1 Employees to whom this Attachment applies will be paid the applicable percentage of the relevant minimum salary according to the following schedule:

Assessed capacity % of salary
10% 10%
20% 20%
30% 30%
40% 40%
50% 50%
60% 60%
70% 70%
80% 80%
90% 90%

3 Assessment of capacity

3.1 The productive capacity of an employee will be assessed in accordance with the supported wage system by an approved assessor.

4 Other terms and conditions of employment

4.1 Where an assessment has been made, the applicable percentage will apply to the relevant Salary only. Employees covered by the provisions of this Attachment will be entitled to the same terms and conditions of employment as all other workers covered by this Agreement paid on a pro rata basis.

5 Trial Period

5.1 In order for an adequate assessment of the employee's capacity to be made, the AEC may employ a person under the provisions of this Attachment for a trial period not exceeding 12 weeks, except that in some cases additional work adjustment time (not exceeding four weeks) may be needed.

5.2 During the trial period, the assessment of capacity will be undertaken and the percentage of the relevant minimum salary for a continuing employment relationship will be determined.

5.3 The minimum amount payable to the employee during the trial period must be no less than $81 per week.

5.4 Work trials should include induction or training as appropriate to the job being trialled.

5.5 Where the AEC and employee wish to establish a continuing employment relationship following the completion of the trial period, a further contract of employment will be entered into based on the outcome of assessment under item 5.1 of this Attachment.

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