Senate Order – AEC Contracts

Updated: 11 February 2022


On 20 June 2001, as amended on 1 March 2007, the Senate agreed to a motion by Senator Murray requiring all Australian Government departments and agencies to produce a list of all contracts (procurement and grants) which meet a certain criteria.

Further general information on the Senate Order can be found on the Department of Finance's website.

2021 calendar year – Senate Order for entity contracts listing relating to the period 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021

Commencing with the 2014-15 financial year report, non-corporate Commonwealth entities will use AusTender to satisfy the requirements of the senate order with respect to procurement contracts only. A listing of procurement contracts is available through the Senate Order link located on AusTender.

Details of the AEC's 'procurement contracts' are available through the Senate Order Report located on the AusTender website.

The table below sets out the AEC’s ‘non-procurement’ contracts for the reporting period.

Contract details


Subject matter

Amount of consideration

Start date

Anticipated end date

Whether contract contains provisions requiring the parties to maintain confidentiality of any of its provisions (Y/N)

Reason (s)

Whether contract contains 'Other requirements of confidentiality' (Y/N)

Reason (s)

There were no non procurements to report during the 2021 Calendar Year

Estimated cost of complying with this Order: $186.78.

Method used to estimate the cost: This estimated cost is based on time spent on collating information required against appropriate staffing levels.

The accountable authority of the Australian Electoral Commission has assured that the listed contracts do not contain any inappropriate confidentiality provisions.

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