Report of the augmented Electoral Commission

Updated: 20 August 2018

This report outlines the augmented Electoral Commission for the Australian Capital Territory’s (the augmented Electoral Commission’s) redistribution of the Australian Capital Territory into three electoral divisions.

The augmented Electoral Commission unanimously agreed to:

  • divide the Australian Capital Territory into three electoral divisions – a northern, central and southern electoral division,
  • name the northern electoral division 'Fenner' and the central electoral division 'Canberra', and
  • adopt all of the boundaries of electoral divisions proposed by the Redistribution Committee for the Australian Capital Territory (the Redistribution Committee) with the following modification:
    • the entire suburb of Phillip is now located in the Division of Bean.

The augmented Electoral Commission voted four–two in favour of adopting the Redistribution Committee’s proposal to name the southern electoral division 'Bean', to recognise the contributions of Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean.

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